Well…you knew it was coming, I promised and promised. I’ve been planning this change for a while and the time has finally come to say Hellogoodbye…not a full fledged goodbye, merely a Beatles-esque Hellogoodbye…because I’ll just meet you in Wonderland. I’m so proud and excited to introduce you all to the new blog Adam & I have worked so hard on:!

But before I leave for Wonderland permanently…let me just take a moment to thank all of you wonderful readers for staying with me on While We Were Weary. It’s been almost exactly a year since my very first post & first real post and I had no idea how this was going to go. I’ve been honored and shocked by all the love & friends I’ve made here and I can’t wait to take this party, so to speak, on over to Wonderland.

A few highlights from the last year:

We spent some real great holidays together from Christmas, to Halloween, to birthdays, to Easter, to Oscar night, to Valentines day

I’ve introduced you to my friends and told you about my dream place and mentors. Showed you my favorite things and told you about my passion for meditationyogawellness and healthy cooking.


& in case you get too nostalgic, don’t worry! All my previous posts are nicely categorized (thanks to Adam’s site he built from scratch) & waiting for you to revisit in the Wellness Wonderland. Can’t wait to see you there!



MOnday meanderings


Mindful Eating – great relatable article & a video for mindful eating at holiday parties.

Making beds video.

Whatever holiday you celebrate…here are so many great holiday recipes from my (soon-to-be) nutrition school’s blog.

Eat your way to amazing skin!

50 shades of Kale! ha!

I want to eat this on Christmas morning!

Might make this as my dish to pass for Christmas…think it will be a hit, but my fam’s a tough crowd! here are all my ideas.

Our Boy Meets World friends are still friends.

There’s our favorite couple! congrats!

Infographic on misunderstood words.

She’s so cool she can meditate anywhere!

OMG I sound like her a bit, so funny!! remember these, too?

One piece three ways.

Candied {healthy} pumpkin seeds.


the new blog is coming SO SOON! I promise! 


COMING SOON….I PROMISE | the girl who cried new blog

{via tumblr}

I’m quickly becoming the girl who cried new blog! But as promised, really good stuff is coming, and as I told you here my new and improved blog is almost ready!

The anticipation is killing me. We have worked so hard on it, pulling inspiration from favorites including this, this, this, this, this, this, this, & this. It’s a little bit of everything I love all rolled into one: simplicity, function (finally have categories, yahoo!!), and beauty. Just making some final transfers before unveiling it. But be ready, before you know it While We Were Weary will soon become The Wellness Wonderland. (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when to fully change your bookmarks). So be ready, but also patient…the launch is coming so soon I can taste it and I couldn’t be more excited to show you what we’ve come up with. I looked at the test site today and said to myself, ‘that’s my blog.’ Have a wonderful hump day!


Let’s pretend it’s a Monday & meander a little

{photo via Coco + Kelley}

’tis the season for film…

Cool documentary on the New York Times

Actually pretty excited for this movie, but not as much as this one…the Gatsby anticipation is killing me. My favorite director directs my all time favorite book! OMG!

Roman Coppola’s newest movie trailer! I love love love the typography in this!

…and a cool French Revolution movie - hmm… you know how I love a good French Revolution flick

Holidays are around the corner…

Tips to beat the holiday stress this year

I sure do love a good Advent Calendar 

build your own perfect winter soup!

cheap but cute holiday dresses 

& check out these miscellaneous cool things…

Apparently the dinner party is becoming an endangered species let’s bring it back!

Best kiss ever

Airplane classroom??? I want to go to school here! so cool!

14 things to do on your lunch break everyday!

 Two great people 


Gratitude For Today | new section of the blog


Good Morning everyone! As you know from this post & if you’ve ever been in one of my yoga classes, I firmly believe gratitude is the key to happiness. And since November marks the month where we are most likely to be thankful & take time to notice gratitude in our lives, I thought this would be the best time to start a new section of the blog!

Gratitude for Today will be a column in the blog {& new blog coming soon}, along with Yogic Wisdom, Pretty Wednesdays, Monday Meanderings, Foodie Fridays, & Wellness Weekends. The concept of Gratitude Today is straightforward: I’ll share what I am grateful for today & hopefully, by sharing what’s making me happy in the moment, I can inspire you to look at your own life and find a few things that are making you happy. So without further a-do here is the very first installment of Gratitude for Today.

Here is what I feel Gratitude for Today: 

This beautiful fresh kale from the last farmers market of the year.

I love this photo & all the photos form Agents of Change.

This funny Halloween Jerry Steinfeld stand-up. I’ve never been one for candy, but I can sure relate to how trick-or-treating felt. For me it was all about getting as much candy as I could and sorting it into little piles when I got home.

My amazing organic skincare products from Sally B’s Skin Yummies. Clearly, I love their company!

This song is clearly apropos for this post today. For some reason I’ve been listening to it all the time lately, playing it in my yoga classes etc. It’s not just the message of gratitude in the lyrics, but there’s something about 90s music that was popular during my childhood that sparks this sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Love this lady. Louise Hay is truly amazing and this month in my cool book club, from my favorite blog The Simple Salt, we read her bestseller You Can Heal Your Life.







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