Entertaining Thursdays | Listen to Lord Huron

{photo} My friend’s brother is in the most amazing band, Lord Huron. Inspired by the nature of Michigan’s own Lake Huron, the group has a indie-rock sound with a quirky- folk whimsical edge.  It is so cool to see a local Michigan band having so much success. I love their sound and play them all [...]



{via their tumblr blog} Clearly I love the xx, remember this post? they were the soundtrack to my summer in Spain. Their new album, Coexist, comes out this September, what are your thoughts on it so far? I’m excited. They always show up on my yoga class playlists. I’d love to go see them live, who wants [...]


Using music to feel a feeling so you can release it

To me nothing can take me back to a moment in time quite like a song I haven’t heard in a while. Isn’t it crazy how music, smell, and even taste can take you back somewhere you are nostalgic for? It’s amazing to me how the smell of crisp fall air can take me back to the [...]

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