Doing what you love | huge news for the blog!

I thought this quote by amazing illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt was quite blunt – however, also very timely and true for what I’ve been thinking about lately with figuring out my next step. I’m realizing I just need to get started somewhere and figure out my passion from there. Right now I know I’m passionate about blogging, and there [...]


Empower women & empower the world: Half the Sky

{photo} I believe the moral, economic, and social issue of our time is the empowering of women. I firmly believe that by educating women you are educating society and changing the world. One of the most important books of our time, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide was written by two New York [...]


The Perfect advice for me and everyone

{photo} SO much I want to do while I’m young and free…any suggestions?


the words I’m living by right now

{photos}  These are the words I’m living by lately. I’m working on figuring out what I want to be / going to be it. Do you ever pretend to be like someone in your imagination? Well I do, and before you know it I’d turn into them.  For example, I would imagine teaching and practicing [...]

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