Yogic Wisdom | I love my yoga studio

My yoga studio is turning 5 & to celebrate, they’re offering $5 yoga all weekend! This place, and my teachers, have given me so much and turned me on to the most life changing hobby/practice/gift. The place is truly special and becomes home for everyone who walks in the door. I love all of the time I’ve [...]


Yogic Wisdom | Go with the flow

My best friend & amazing photographer Abbey Moore turned me onto this amazing yogic dyamic duo called Go w/ the Flow. Based out of Ohio, the pair teach an amazing live music class where she instructs and he plays guitar / beatboxes, matching the music to the breath. They flow around the country & I’m hoping flow on [...]


Wellness Weekends | Tara Stiles is adorable in her old Videos

I absolutely love Tara Stiles, yoga instructor extraordinare. And lately I cannot get enough of her YouTube channel. Her videos (on everything including yoga, meditation, healthy living, food, and cooking) have inspired me to make more video content for this blog. I love how much of her bubbly, enthusiastic personality shines through in every video regardless [...]


Yogic wisdom | Lululemon’s Gospel of Sweat

How cool is Lululemon’s Gospel of Sweat. Check it out! Namaste!


Yogic Wisdom | the best advice I’ve ever listened to, have you heard it too?

Have you seen this Baz Luhrmann video of the essay “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young,” by Chicago Tribune writer Mary Schmich?  (If you’re one of my personal friends, I know you have because I annoyingly force everyone I meet to watch it.) It is my single favorite song/essay/advice column/speech/video that I’ve ever seen. I heard it for [...]

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