Wellness Weekends | What do you put on your skin? did you know it is our largest organ?

We’ve talked quite a bit about what we put in our bodies on Wellness Weekends, from food to drinks, but we haven’t talked too much about what we put on our bodies. You may remember from this post that our skin is our largest organ, and the best way to detox / get the toxins [...]


Wellness Weekends | Super Soul Sunday

Get your alarms or DVRs set to 11:00 tomorrow morning for the most amazing thing to hit the television. This week on Oprah’s OWN network’s show Super Soul Sunday she will feature the next generation of spiritual leaders. These three people are some of the most inspiring people on the planet and my biggest idols and [...]


Wellness Weekends | Tara Stiles is adorable in her old Videos

I absolutely love Tara Stiles, yoga instructor extraordinare. And lately I cannot get enough of her YouTube channel. Her videos (on everything including yoga, meditation, healthy living, food, and cooking) have inspired me to make more video content for this blog. I love how much of her bubbly, enthusiastic personality shines through in every video regardless [...]


weekend wellness {three} starting the day with a twist

{image & info via Mind Body Green} A twist of lemon, that is! A glass of warm water with lemon a day keeps the doctor away. So why should you start your day with a tall pre-breakfast glass of lemon water? Why not – it tastes wonderful and is so calming and relaxing to wake [...]


weekend Wellness {two} showing some skin

{photo} Our skin is our largest organ, as well as the most visible, so it’s a great way to detox through our skin. One technique  is via the process of dry skin brushing. If you’re getting sick of the latest skin treatments, lotions, lasers, and potions, perhaps this natural and simple technique is something to try. So what [...]

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