happy halloween!

{photo} {photo} Aren’t these letterpress cards adorable?? Happy Halloween! This is one of those holidays people either love or hate. Personally, i’m a lover of Halloween…not really the spooky, scary parts, but I do love a good costume & carving a pumpkin. What are your thoughts on the holiday? Are you dressing up? What’s the [...]


My favorite part of rainy days…

….my hunter green Hunter Boots. I love the warm weather & hope the fall is warm for as long as possible, but wearing my boots again is the only part of fall that I’m actually looking forward to. Okay, and maybe pumpkins. Love this video & their new ad campaign. They seem like a really [...]


Pretty Wednesday {two} “The fun of getting dressed is that it’s a creative experience & sometimes it’s better than other times.” -Iris Apfel

{photo} Iris Apfel is one of the most amazing fashion icons on earth. Ever since I saw this photo-spread in W Magazine, (which I had hanging on the wall in my attic room) I’ve been obsessed with her. This endearing woman is the queen mother of accessories, prints, and interior design. Behind her fabulous huge glasses, she has [...]


Have a pretty Wednesday | Orange, Pink, Red, & Blue: the colors of fire and what they can do for you

Want more energy? Don’t we all! Apparently (according to InStyle) wearing bright and bold colors can ignite energy. These colors project vitality, which then is radiated back to you by the people you encounter. AKA, What you put out is what you will get back. Colors of fire have the best energetic aura so think red, orange, [...]

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