Weekend Meanderings

{yoga in Times Square via tumblr} Weekend meanderings were one of the first sections of this blog & I can’t believe how many weekend link posts I’ve done – just look at them all! However, I haven’t done one in a while, so here’s a really good one to make up for it! Have a magical [...]


Have a hot weekend

It’s over 100 degrees here in Michigan this week. Since it’s too hot to have a picnic like the one above, here are some web links for you to meander from the comfort of your own air conditioning today. tunes & films… – Want a song for the weekend? here you go! – Do you have a film [...]


summer weekend web meanderings

Hope your summer weekend brings you breakfast in bed like this and everything else a summer weekend should: swimming, sailing, reading, strolling, laughing, barbecuing, etc. Maybe try something new? fun things & bright ideas - Make your own Hermes Kelly Bag? – want to be Rapunzel? here are some tips on how to make your hair look [...]


the first weekend of the summer

{photo} Here are some areas on the internet I stopped by to enjoy this week. I hope you like them too! And have a wonderful first weekend of summer…ride in a boat, go for a walk, wear Jackie O sunglasses, and smile until it hurts. Mad Men: – Check out the real Mad Men. – [...]


Weekend Meanderings

Well the blog sure has been sparse the past week or so, and unfortunately it will probably continue to be for a little while.  I’ll be graduating from college in just two weeks and turning twenty-two.  It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks so content on the blog may suffer, but remember the best is [...]

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