Monday meanderings

 {tumblr} Off to Austin to be Dana’s maid-of-honor this week! Anything I must do while in Austin? Don’t worry, I’ll still check in periodically, but for the most part keep up with me via Instagram. Have a wonderful week! &, as every Monday, enjoy the rest of the internet. Words for the week! Happy Yogaween! Yoga [...]


CRIBS east lansing: inside my princess room

Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a land really close-by, I lived in an amazing college house with really amazing roommates and best friends and neighbors.416 Ann St. was the place to be. Some many amazing memories, from clogging the garbage disposal with carrots after making carrot cake to getting locked out of a room [...]


Interior inspiration

This bright Soho Loft is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve seen.  I love everything about the way this tall ceilinged light airy apartment is decorated, especially all the globes and maps. As soon as I saw this loft from one of my favorite interior design blogs I couldn’t stop staring at more pictures here.  And don’t forget [...]


Goodbye fashion week hello inside Diane von Furstenberg NYC penthouse

NYC’s latest fashion week may have come to a close but don’t cry, this look into fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg’s Manhattan penthouse will leave you beaming until the fall lines come out. Architectural Digest via table tonic and equally as impressive: Brooke Shield’s Manhattan home

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