This made me laugh…

Now I do love my green smoothies, chia seeds, & nori, and sure, I like a good kale chip as much as the next [healthy] guy, but you can’t take anything too seriously. Gotta be able to laugh at yourself! These videos that poke fun at wellness never get old even though I can hear myself [...]


once upon a time

There once lived a princess who went to Spain with the greatest people you’ll ever meet (one of them being this amazing photographer who took these pictures of my birthday last year).  They all fell in love, became best friends, wrote about it here, and are currently living happily ever after separately. And even though they [...]


revealing my love for J & B

Yes I love Jay-Z and Beyonce. I’m trying to convince Adam to be them with me for Halloween next year.  Juan will you be Kanye? This video is the best, Maya Rudolph just might be the funniest person on earth. Jay don’t even look cuz he’s got Bee and Blu


“I drank way too much Kombucha last night…”Funny videos I can relate to….

I think think this video is absolutely hilarious and could watch it millions of times.  In fact all of the “sh*t …..people say…” videos make me laugh.  Being able to laugh at yourself is so important. This post by Sarah Wilson, the Australian journalist, author, and blogger (who I love) makes some great points about them and [...]

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