Festival de cannes

Looking at all the photos and watching trailer after trailer from last month’s sixty-fifth annual Cannes film festival,I’m getting major envy for those who were in attendance, and making it my goal to be one of them someday. One of my favorite bloggers was there taking pictures and posted this perfect little documentary chronicling her whirlwind experience. Watch it in its entirety , it’s adorable.

I’ve always loved the old-fashioned glamour of this festival-it has a certain magical element to me. Perhaps this stems from the fact that Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier while attending the festival in 1955, proving to me that fairy tales can come true. Since my love of Grace Kelly runs deep, I’ve read thousand of books & articles about her, but the serendipitous story of how they met always sticks out in my mind. The film star almost skipped her appointment to meet the prince since it conflicted with her hair appointment. And as she was getting ready for the meeting the power in the hotel went out so she couldn’t blow dry her hair. Running late and wearing a hat, she rushed to the palace only to find the prince was late too and hadn’t even arrived yet.

This is a photo of the two of them walking through the palace zoo on the day they met. I guess the moral of this story and why it will never leave my mind, is that you might meet your prince when you least expect it. If you’re like Grace…when you’re wearing your least favorite flower dress with a matching headband to cover your bad hair day because you couldn’t blow dry it.

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One comment on “Festival de cannes

  1. Marcy on said:

    love the Princess Grace, Prince Rainerier. The best thing is she looks amazing, so lovely.

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