the first weekend of the summer


Here are some areas on the internet I stopped by to enjoy this week. I hope you like them too! And have a wonderful first weekend of summer…ride in a boat, go for a walk, wear Jackie O sunglasses, and smile until it hurts.

Mad Men:

- Check out the real Mad Men.

- Mad about Mad Men like me? Missing them already? Then you’ll love these 25 facts.


My favorite scene from Moonrise Kingdom (if you haven’t seen it go see it this weekend, I’ll go with you because I want to see it again)

- Cool movie posters via this post.

- Can’t wait for Ruby Sparks to come out!

- If you loved 2 Day in Paris, Julie Delpy did it again! And this time with Chris Rock & my favorite city – very Woody Allen-esque. 2 Days in New York

- And this documentary looks heartbreaking but cool. I’m always down for a good doc.

Summer fun:

- I want to become a camper just so I can use a tent like this!

- Really want to make/eat this version of my all-time favorite appetizer!

Cool travel tip for couples, I love this!

- I want to be her when I grow up!




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