Our Holiday party would’ve been great…

‘Tis the season for hosting and attending glamorous holiday soirees! Or in my case, the season for wanting to do both but not having the time for either – as we mentioned, we’re both busy and overwhelmed college kids who had every intention of having our friends over for a warm, cozy, relaxed holiday soirée until final exams prevented crushed our dream party like a delicate Christmas bulb.  BUT, here’s an idea of how things would have gone!

This would have been our soundtrack:

This would have been our photobooth (thanks to these!)

And for refreshments, a hot cocoa bar like this:

And macaroons like these:

And some homemade cupcakes with these festive wrappers!

Not to mention these hearty yet classy hors d’oeuvres via acupofjo:

All to be served for a movie night like this one!  Our guests will vote for their movie choice like this:

But insert our classic holiday favorites instead:

As for my outfit, I’d go with either this (even though they’ve been sold out for weeks):


Or maybe this:

And we’d even have glittering mistletoe!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fictional holiday party! Come back next year (maybe it will be real!)

- Katie

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6 comments on “Our Holiday party would’ve been great…

  1. you are too great. TOOOOO GREATTTT. when i’m in town lets do a photoshoot.

  2. Love Actually wins because I would have rigged the voting.

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