Yogic Wisdom {one} | yogic eating

Welcome to the first instalment of my new column on the blog, where I share my Yogic Wisdom.

In my yoga teacher training, yogic eating (or eating with awareness) is part of our program.   Since we all lead such busy lives, lunch is commonly eaten while working at a desk and breakfast is usually taken on the go. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re fueling our bodies.

While not every meal has to be eaten this way, aim for once a day. Here are the eating awareness guidelines. Download them here and hang them in your kitchen or eating area to remind you to tune in and mindfully feed your body – it will allow you to truly enjoy your food.

-Remain seated. 

-Refrain from conversation while chewing. 

-Place your utensil down between each bite. Wait until food is completely chewed & swallowed before picking up your utensil your next bite. 

-Refrain from external distractions, including reading, watching TV, listening to music, phone, etc.

-Put no more than two handfuls of food on your plate at a time. Finish eating your two handfuls, then wait 3-5 minutes before taking more food.

-wait until food is completely digested (2-6 hours) before your next meal or snack. 

Bon Appetit!

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2 comments on “Yogic Wisdom {one} | yogic eating

  1. Mariel Cuddihee on said:

    love this!!

  2. Love these, I am going to try to do at least one!!!

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