Using music to feel a feeling so you can release it

To me nothing can take me back to a moment in time quite like a song I haven’t heard in a while. Isn’t it crazy how music, smell, and even taste can take you back somewhere you are nostalgic for?

It’s amazing to me how the smell of crisp fall air can take me back to the the first days of elementary school & football games and with one sniff of pine it’s Christmas morning. You can actually feel how you were feeling then.

It is always the best when you least expect it and a song takes you right back to where you were when you first listened to it. It ignites the great feeling you had then. For me, the xx will forever take me back to my little apartment in Barcelona where my best friend and I listened to their debut album everyday in our room. Whenever I need to feel that feeling I crank up this song.

These feelings that music can ignite aren’t always good, but sometimes you just need to feel a feeling to allow it to pass through you so you can release it. Even if it’s anger or sadness, you still need to sit and feel it before you can let it go. The best way to unleash a feeling, good or bad, is to ignite it with music.

Use music as a tool to feel whatever you need to feel – if it’s sadness, luckily there’s a million great sad songs to listen to, or if it’s anger, crank up the Nirvana.  Just feel it so you can move on and release whatever the feeling is. Realizing that whether the feeling is happy or sad, good or bad it is temporary and a new one will be there soon to replace it.

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5 comments on “Using music to feel a feeling so you can release it

  1. Mariel Cuddihee on said:

    awesome post, it is so true! i love using music for feelings :)

  2. I had no idea you guys listened to them then! I actually JUST started listening to them and so their music makes me think of this summer! So weird how that is. Glad it can take you back in time. Miss you.

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