Monday Meanderings

Happy belated Monday everyone! Since things have been so sporadic here at WWWW & I’ve been testing your patience & promising consistently great content for weeks, I’ve finally got a plan! Ready?

Big news, we’re going to have a little bit of a While We We Weary schedule…don’t worry, nothing too strict, but you’ll be able to expect certain posts on certain days of the week. First off, let’s make Mondays our web meandering days. So we’ll trade weekend Meanderings for Monday meaderings, doesn’t that have a nicer ring to it?  This week you can expect Monday meanderings, yogic-wisdom tuesdays, pretty Wednesdays, Entertaining Thursdays, Foodie Fridays, & Wellness Weekends.  Don’t get too overwhelmed by the labels, the blog will still be extremely eclectic and some days you can expect multiple posts on multiple topics, but this will just give me some order.

Of course, things will always change as usual, so tell me what you like & want to see more of…comment comment comment please! I love hearing from you as much as I hope you love hearing from me.

So without further a-do, let’s kick off Monday Meanderings with a bang. Here’s what I’m loving this week from all around the wonderful interweb.

- Love these free & printable vintage recipe cards via this Young Married Chic post

- What’s your favorite Cary Grant film?

Cute DIY teacup candles

- If this post doesn’t make you want to travel I don’t know what will.

Healthy sprinkles? way cool! 

- I want to join one of these.

- My shoe of choice, TOMS, is so much more than the simple flats I fell in love with/traveled in…I love their wedges now too. Look at these cute wedge booties for fall!

- Crave sugar? sweets without the sugar

- Cute stationary & such shop

- Cool unique wedding snapshot slide show

- Pretty August post

- Such a great idea for people who travel or are just curious or can’t decide…3floz of beauty products

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2 comments on “Monday Meanderings

  1. I like the sound of Monday meanderings, and will look forward to wellness weekends

  2. I love the 3floz so cool……………..

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