Foodie Friday {three} recipe video: Watermelon Slurpee

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Nothing says summer quite like a big huge pink fruit. I love everything about watermelon. From the juice to the seeds to the texture, it is one of my favorite things to eat. And isn’t it great that something so tasty and sweet is super healthy for you? Win win!

Watermelon has many healing properties for the body, including the great anti-aging effects, because it is so high in collagen-building vitamin C, vitamin A and the antioxidant lycopene (even more lycopene than tomatoes).

Remember that organic, seeded watermelon is the best – not only does it taste better, but seedless fruits are hybridized by us to make them sterile and often are also sprayed with chemicals. While the seeds may make a bit of extra hassle, it’s totally worth it and how would you have a good seed spitting contest without them. And don’t worry if you swallow one, you won’t grow a watermelon in your stomach. Eating them is actually good for you since they are extremely high in b vitamins. Detoxifying!

Consisting of 92% water, this fruit is fittingly named  and extremely cleansing.  To fully benefit from it’s properties, it is best eaten alone, in the morning, and on an empty stomach.  But where’s the fun in that?

While this recipe may not be the most detoxing form of the fruit, it sure is refreshing, easy, & healthy.  I know fall’s around the corner and your taste buds may already be longing for pumpkin, squash, and cider, but give this recipe a chance and cheers to the end of summer with the season’s favorite fruit!


Watermelon (about four cups or so, *FROZEN)

almond milk (about two cups or so)

*note: The watermelon must be chopped small enough to fit in your blender and it must be frozen for this to turn out slushie. If not it will just be liquid. So unfortunately you’ll have to plan ahead and cut the watermelon then freeze it in containers that their mold would fit in the blender. What I would do was get a watermelon, cut it up and eat as much as I possibly could fresh and whatever was left over I’d cut in pieces and freeze to have on hand to make this recipe whenever I wanted (it never lasted in the freezer very long).

Directions: pour in almond milk first, then frozen watermelon and blend until slushie!

Have fun!

{recipe inspired by Kimberly Snyder

 {info via here & here}

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2 comments on “Foodie Friday {three} recipe video: Watermelon Slurpee

  1. I only buy seeded watermelons since you told me how they are better for you. I also eat the seeds so it is nice to know they are good for me too!!

  2. This sounds delicious Katie, I’ll have to try it out next summer! I LOVE almond milk!

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