Have a beautiful fall week!

10 things to do this fall!
might be the most beautiful wedding I’ve seen (at least until Dana’s)
these look so good!
SOCAL is apparently the place for me
so do all these main dish recipes.
like Chinese food? I don’t, but if I did I’d make this.
i love Healthy Cooking Camp & Gabby OMG all in one video!
three great take me away posts…from the wonderful blog, this is glamorous 
No. 12 Venice, Italy
No. 19 Barcelona, Spain
No. 37 Lyon, France
the coolest map of Portugal I’ve ever seen
this documentary hits close to home
…love them…
great article on a great filmmaker and actor, I love this guy
Mindy Kaling is so funny, here’s a great interview! have you watched her show?
nice article today by my guru Gabrielle Bernstein
… & yoga’s great.
what the heck are Bundhasanyways?

adjustments are the best part of a yoga class, aren’t they?

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One comment on “Have a beautiful fall week!

  1. so much great stuff, thanks!!

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