Empower women & empower the world: Half the Sky


I believe the moral, economic, and social issue of our time is the empowering of women. I firmly believe that by educating women you are educating society and changing the world.

One of the most important books of our time, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide was written by two New York Times reporters living in China. The husband and wife team  used stories to drive their message to viewers as well as celebrity advocates to shed light on the issue and get people to notice. Their book became a PBS documentary, that I just saw at MSU last night. The star-studded film is so moving and the storytelling is beautifully done. I think documentaries can be the best way to shed light on an issue by actually bringing people there in the think of things to truly understand issues otherwise out of their grasp.

Instead of telling  you more here I will let the film makers speak for themselves…

…meet Sheryl…

…and from her husband Nicholas

Moving stuff right? Want to help make a difference?

I think raising awareness is half the battle and I am lucky to have the freedom, resources, and a platform to spread this message. And you do too! So sSo watch this trailer, DVD, or read the book, get involved in one or the Half the Sky organizations  and most importantly spread the message. Share this blog post with your Twitter or Facebook followers or even if you just email it to one friend, that’s one more person who is aware of this work because you made a difference.

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  1. moving thanks for sharing!

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