Want to know what’s in your food? I do! Let’s hope california does too

Dear California,

Please let us know what’s in our food. Your vote on Prop 37 has the power to change the course of the entire nation on the issue of what’s in our food. As a Californian you are so lucky, (A) because it is sunny & beautiful for 90% of the year and (B) because you have the opportunity to vote yes to require food manufacturers to tell you whether the foods you purchase contain genetically modified ingredients.

The best part of this would be how it would prohibit the use of the label “natural” on foods containing these GMOs. This is great because so many people want to be healthy but don’t know how, so they just grab anything labeled ‘natural’ without actually know what’s in it and assuming they are making a healthy choice when in fact they could be consuming GMOs.

Why do I care so much about this? About 70 percent of processed grocery store foods contain at least one genetically modified ingredient.

The California law is the first of its kind & will hopefully help other states follow suit. Which is huge because the US is already SUPER behind in this compared to the rest of the world. 50 countries already require this.

So why would anyone not want this?

I can answer in one word: money. Allow me to elaborate – current labeling laws make is so difficult to figure out what is ‘natural’/ healthy/ has GMOs etc. For example, “natural” brand Kashi labeled products as “natural”even though most of their products contained genetically modified soy.  And there are many other “natural” companies misleading us. Don’t get me wrong, I love a natural brand as much as the next girl, but I would actually like it to be natural and not full of GMOs.

While lots of people (even celebrities!) are backing this, the funding for the ‘Yes’ side is less than $4 million, while the opposing side campaigning is over $32 million. This is becuase so many huge corporations are behind it, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Pepsi.

For more info on this, check out these blogs and this video. Visit the Yes on 37 website.

Don’t live in California, but I want to help?…No problem, is you can! With the internet anyone has a platform so share this blog on Twitter & Facebook & everywhere.

Thank you so much, Californians! You’re great & I’d love to visit you soon!

PS. Sorry about Arnold, he seems like a real creep. But Maria’s great!


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One comment on “Want to know what’s in your food? I do! Let’s hope california does too

  1. funniest comment about Arnold ever, TEAM MARIA!!

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