Vogue’s Beautiful Videos

Katy (my best friend, roommate, designer, stylist, chef, and better half who you’ll eventually get to know quite well through WWWW) and I just watched The September Issue in our class we’re taking together from her major, Apparel Textile Design.  The course, dress culture and human behavior, is thoroughly interesting and the fact we were able to watch the Anna Wintour documentary we had both been wanting to see anyways was a huge bonus.

Katy is the most avid Vouge reader I know (someday she will be Anna Wintour), always telling me to look out for issues and sending me Vogue links she knows would make me melt (for example this - and this). After the latest link she sent me, I did some surfing around Vogue online and found some real gems–their videos are so well produced and fit perfectly into the Vogue style. Never wanted to be Blake Lively as much as I did after watching this beautiful video.

Lively and Wintour at couture

Karl Lagerfield interview (so cool!)

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