Overwhelmed over the weekend

Hello everyone the good news is that maybe spring is here! and the better news is that yet again I’m here to promise you more content and this time I will actually follow through! ¬†My head has been feeling a bit like this picture right now, overwhelmed with everything I have going on and coming up and lists are becoming my best friend. Hopefully things will calm down soon in the meantime here are a few meanderings making me smile:

I loved this post and not merely because of the beautiful ampersand (I have a weakness for them)

can’t stop staring at these interesting photos like a car accident

Love this quote on being messy, makes me feel a bit better about the current state of my bedroom

Curious about who is going to play young Carrie in the Sex and the City? look no further

Cool book with amazing photographs about Hitchcock Style

Loving these NYC photos via my wonderful photographer and best friend and wild thing Abbey Lee Moore Photography Getting married? Call her!

love you see you tons this week! Promise!


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3 comments on “Overwhelmed over the weekend

  1. abbey on said:

    Thanks for the shoutout! :) To everyone else who is reading I’m also hosting an open house on Saturday April 14th… A LOT OF DISCOUNTS AND GIVEAWAYS! :)

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