Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, thoughts on the remake?

//via Glamour//

I love Brooke Shields, she is so pretty (both now and back then). Her hair color and length is flawless in this movie, I want mine to look just like it! Do I have to be shipwrecked on an island in the ocean for my hairspiration to take shape? Can you believe she was only 15 years old in this movie?

The 1980 coming-of-age environmental film, The Blue Lagoon, tells the story of two shipwrecked teens, Shields and Christopher Atkins, who have no adults to guide them and end up making out a lot. Apparently, there’s a remake in the works starring Denise Richards who will play the mom of the shipwrecked girl. Australian actress Indiana Evans will reprise Brooke’s role. Hope her hair is as pretty as Brooke’s was.


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