How do you do with change? Ready or not, here it comes

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 My life is in a huge transition right now, and what’s ahead is so exciting. After graduating this May, I’m finishing up yoga teacher training this summer & this week I’m moving out of my college house where I’ve lived with my roommates and best friends for the last two years.

Other than being a literal pain, (I’m sore everywhere from attempting to lift couches & beds) it’s been an emotional roller coaster of feelings…feeling sad to leave a house of memories…feeling unsure (yet hopeful) about the future…and most of all feeling ready for change.  Who knows where the next step will take me?  That is the most exciting part…any suggestions?  How do you feel about change? Be open to it, because sometimes you can’t stop it whether you’re ready or not.

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3 comments on “How do you do with change? Ready or not, here it comes

  1. Marcy on said:

    Change is good!! So excited to see where life leads you!

  2. The only thing constant is change, so I just try to develop a really positive attitude, so that however I react to all that change is hopefully a good response. I totally feel you on the emotional rollercoaster of leaving college, it definitely weighed on me. When I started my life in college I finally became extremely open to change, and welcomed it. After I worked through all that change in a good way and let it affect me however it would, I felt like a could handle anything :)

  3. nancy on said:

    Expect great things! It’s very exciting!

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