Yogic Wisdom | I love my yoga studio

My yoga studio is turning 5 & to celebrate, they’re offering $5 yoga all weekend! This place, and my teachers, have given me so much and turned me on to the most life changing hobby/practice/gift. The place is truly special and becomes home for everyone who walks in the door.

I love all of the time I’ve spent there over the past 5 years, from learning the practice to learning to teach the practice. Yoga State of Mind, Body, & Soul, LLC. has given my mind, body, and soul so much and literally shaped my life. I will be forever grateful to the owner, my teacher & guru Jen Hayes, for all she and Yoga State have given me. If you live anywhere remotely near East Lansing or Okemos, give Yoga State a try for yoga & now spinning (at the Okemos location). Namaste and so much gratitude!



Cinemagram is fun

Do you have Cinemagram yet? I really love the app, almost as much as I love Instagram. Here are a couple of cool ones.

And for more cool apps check these out!

Do you have Cinemagram yet? I really love the app, almost as much as I love Instagram. Here are a couple of cool ones.

And for more cool apps check these out!


Wellness Weekends | What do you put on your skin? did you know it is our largest organ?

We’ve talked quite a bit about what we put in our bodies on Wellness Weekends, from food to drinks, but we haven’t talked too much about what we put on our bodies. You may remember from this post that our skin is our largest organ, and the best way to detox / get the toxins out is via sweating through our skin. So as we think about what goes in our body for health, we should also consider what goes on our body, in our hair & skincare routines. Using all natural beauty products may seem like a hassle, but just like checking the ingredients is crucial with what you put in your mouth, the same is true for what you put on your skin. My absolute favorite brand of natural skin care products, Sally B’s Skin Yummies, is hosting a huge “virtual trunk show” this weekend through Monday November 26th. As their Black Friday/ Cyber Monday promotion, they’re offering free domestic shipping (since they can’t come to you, they’ll ship to you for free!). Join the conversation on their Facebook page too where they’re offering more promos & answering questions on products & colors.

I was lucky enough to be able to test tons of their products for use on a review for the blog that will be coming very soon. They are an amazing company with an wonderful staff & quality, safe products. Until then, while I still enjoy the Skin Yummies, here are just a few of my favorite {Sally B’s} things:

#1 Fav

The facial cleanser is the best thing to ever happen to my skin. Feel great, smells even better.

#2 – The deodorant pads- keep me so fresh so clean! I use one pad front and back on each armpit!

#3 – This lip gloss is the best – I could eat this stuff!





Thankful for Monday Meanderings


Happy Thanksgiving week! I love this holiday because it gives us an excuse to make everything about gratitude. I love that this week, everyone will seem to be a little bit more in tune with gratitude rather than focusing on lack.

Are you ready for giving thanks? Thanksgiving preparedness

The cure for digestion after a big meal? Herbal Bitters

Hot Cocoa recipe that is so good!

What to know what Thanksgiving dinner really is?

Smart Girls have More Fun with Amy Poehler & Yoga! 

Positivity for skeptics 

Such beautiful honesty & outlook on negativity in the beautiful post

Are you as excited for this book as we are?

…speaking of Katy, my Chic bff’s Musings 

Cool video 

Great Thanksgiving cards

I kinda made these this weekend, they were good! and made this it’s so simple & great!

A Thanksgiving idea - mint water.



Wellness Weekends | Super Soul Sunday

Get your alarms or DVRs set to 11:00 tomorrow morning for the most amazing thing to hit the television. This week on Oprah’s OWN network’s show Super Soul Sunday she will feature the next generation of spiritual leaders. These three people are some of the most inspiring people on the planet and my biggest idols and mentors. Their work, from blogs, to videos, to books, to tweets inspires me every day. They have completely changed my life and I want you to know and love them too.

First, Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love, who inspires people with quotes and positive thoughts of love daily. Mastin began with just a Twitter account tweeted inspirational quote and one day Kim Kardashian retweeted him and his site blew up almost over night.

Next Marie Forleo, who has the most amazing website teaching positivity in business practices. Her magnetizing personality, focus and determination shine through every video she creates.

And last but certainly not least, my beautiful amazing guru Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby was how I first found how shifting your perceptions to positivity can alter any situation. Her books, videos, meditations, and lectures have completely changed my life. I tell everyone I know about her & watching her longtime dream of being on Oprah come true is a dream come true for me too.

Today at 11 a.m. ET/PT to get words of wisdom from these teachers. Make it a viewing party brunch extravaganza!

More About Marie, Mastin and Gabrielle

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