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MOnday meanderings

{photo} Mindful Eating – great relatable article & a video for mindful eating at holiday parties. Making beds video. Whatever holiday you celebrate…here are so many great holiday recipes from my (soon-to-be) nutrition school’s blog. Eat your way to amazing skin! 50 shades of Kale! ha! I want to eat this on Christmas morning! Might make [...]


Gratitude For Today | new section of the blog

{photo} Good Morning everyone! As you know from this post & if you’ve ever been in one of my yoga classes, I firmly believe gratitude is the key to happiness. And since November marks the month where we are most likely to be thankful & take time to notice gratitude in our lives, I thought [...]


Thankful for Monday Meanderings

{photo} Happy Thanksgiving week! I love this holiday because it gives us an excuse to make everything about gratitude. I love that this week, everyone will seem to be a little bit more in tune with gratitude rather than focusing on lack. Are you ready for giving thanks? Thanksgiving preparedness The cure for digestion after a big meal? Herbal Bitters [...]


Doing what you love | huge news for the blog!

I thought this quote by amazing illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt was quite blunt – however, also very timely and true for what I’ve been thinking about lately with figuring out my next step. I’m realizing I just need to get started somewhere and figure out my passion from there. Right now I know I’m passionate about blogging, and there [...]


Monday Meanderings

{photo} Have a wonderfully productive, warm, and positive week everyone! Here is some excitement to look forward to this week…While We Were Weary is getting a major update.  Name, organization, design – the whole works! More details to come this week, but until then, enjoy the rest of the internet… I’ll probably have to wear a sweater [...]

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