Monday Meanderings Enjoy!

Hope you had an amazing Autumn weekend & are ready for a wonderful week! What did you do this weekend? I was busy. Taught a bunch of yoga, modeled for my best friend & wedding photographer Abbey in a dress my designer best friend Katy made. Katy styled me for her portfolio & the beautiful [...]


once upon a time

There once lived a princess who went to Spain with the greatest people you’ll ever meet (one of them being this amazing photographer who took these pictures of my birthday last year).  They all fell in love, became best friends, wrote about it here, and are currently living happily ever after separately. And even though they [...]


the prettiest spring salad I’ve ever seen

Sometimes food is a triple threat, when it looks pretty, tastes delicious, and is healthy for your body. This combination isn’t rare, since fruit and vegetables are brightly colored and vibrant and obviously healthy – however, depending on your taste, they may not be delicious on their own.  AND, some of the most unhealthy foods are absolutely beautiful, like pink cupcakes and French [...]


Can we just make this Valentine’s Week?

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! I don’t know where the week or weekend went and still promise weekly weekend web meanderings. However, there are just so many things I love that I want to share and so I’m using Valentine’s Day as a crutch to show you them all. But really, that’s what this blog is all [...]

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