Foodie friday {five} Classic Kale Salad

The Transitional Kale Salad (vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, easy) You’ve probably heard by now that kale is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.  You may have attempted to add it to your green smoothies or salads after hearing of healing properties like fiber, antioxidants, chlorophyll blood builders, and enzymes, but all the enzymes and [...]


the prettiest spring salad I’ve ever seen

Sometimes food is a triple threat, when it looks pretty, tastes delicious, and is healthy for your body. This combination isn’t rare, since fruit and vegetables are brightly colored and vibrant and obviously healthy – however, depending on your taste, they may not be delicious on their own.  AND, some of the most unhealthy foods are absolutely beautiful, like pink cupcakes and French [...]

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